What is the High Quality DTF printer ?


The printer ‘s mainboard is as imporatnt as the chips in a mobile phone.High-quality mainboard can improve the printing precision of the printer and reduce the frequency of maintenance.In contrast to other DTF printers that use unbranded boards, our XinFlying DTF uses Hoson board which could improve the stability of the printer exactly.

White ink circulation System

In order to solve the problem that white ink settling leads to the blockage of nozzle, we had designed the function of white ink circulation system and automatic cleaning on the printer. It greatly prolongs the service life of the printing head and reduces the use cost of the machine.

Print heads

For print heads, we use Epson's original imported print heads. The 400D and 700D models are equipped with the Epson XP600 print head. The E and T series of printers can configure the Epson I3200-A1 or Epson 4720 print head according to the customer's request.

About operating RIP software

our factory standard with Maintop software, in order to meet different customer using request, we also provide other RIP software to choose such as: CADlink/Printefactory /Photoprint


After-sales services is also the most competitive one from XinFlying

Local Warehouse

There are warehouses in California, USA. Shipping from our local warehouse can save 3 months of shipping time and quickly start your DTF T Shirt business.

Buy 1 Get More Free

Get a free $500 gift package that includes vulnerable parts, a set of ink/a roll of print film/a kilogram of powder

Technical Support

We will provide installation manual and installation videos before installing the machine. professional technical team could provide 7*24 – hour remote guidance services. If you are a new beginner in DTF industry, don’t worry at all, we will provide the training videos for you to teach you how to operate the machine.

Regular Visit

We arrange technicians and sales representatives to visit our customers in the United States ,and update with the latest market information with every quarter.

Warranty Policy

If you use our consumables, we will provide you with free technology upgrade and maintenance services.

About Customization

We support the customization of the appearance/color /logo of the machine for all agents.

One-stop Shopping

About DTF Consumables

As for DTF consumables, we can provide free samples for you to test, you only need to be responsible for the freight /If you want to customize your own ink label,it is also acceptable by Xinflying.


DTF Film

Special DTF Film

DTF ink


hot melt adhesive powder

DTF Powder

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