Top 10 Sublimation Printer in 2024





Top 10 Sublimation Printer in 2024

Sublimation printers play a crucial role in creating stunning heat transfer designs. With their ability to produce vibrant and long-lasting prints, sublimation printers have become a revolution in the creative industries. This article will provide a comprehensive overview of what printer is best for sublimation for 2023, helping you find the perfect match to elevate your creativity to new heights.

List of Top 10 Sublimation Printer

Epson SureColor P800

Epson logo
Epson SureColor P800 sublimation printer
Source from Epson

The Epson SureColor P800 delivers exceptional print quality with its fine art ink technology as the best epson for sublimation. Capable of producing rich, smooth gradations and a wide color gamut, this printer is revered among photographers and artists. With a durable build and easy-to-navigate control panel, you’re assured a reliable and convenient printing experience.

Features: Professional printing up to 17″ x 22″, nine UltraChrome HD inks

Pros: Advanced media handling, option to print in color and black-and-white

Cons: Some may find it complicated to operate

Canon PIXMA Pro-100

Canon logo
Canon PIXMA Pro-100 sublimation printer
Source from Canon

The Canon PIXMA Pro-100 creates eye-catching prints with its 8-color dye ink system. It seamlessly blends colors for lifelike output and precise detailing. The printer also boasts of fast speeds and wireless connectivity and caters to convenience and high productivity, which is best sublimation printer for beginners.

Features: Eight-color dye ink system, prints up to 13″x 19″, 4800 x 2400 dpi

Pros: Exceptional color accuracy, high-quality print results

Cons: Higher operational costs because of frequent ink replacement

Xinflying XF-1900 Sublimation Printer

Xinflying logo
Xinflying XF-1900 Sublimation Printer
Source from Xinflying

The Xinflying XF-1900 Sublimation Printer brings state-of-the-art technology to the sublimation printing industry. Known for producing high-resolution prints with continuous, seamless color, it’s perfect for detailed designs and vibrant hues. Its large format allows it to efficiently handle bulk orders while in a cost-effective price, making it ideal for business operations and the best affordable sublimation printer. Also, its user-friendly interface and automated features significantly reduce the time and effort needed to operate.

Features: Fast printing speed, continuous ink supply system, high printing resolution

Pros: High-efficiency heat transfer, environmentally-friendly operation, plethora of customizable options

Cons: Larger footprint may require dedicated space, initial investment might be higher than smaller desktop printers

Sawgrass Virtuoso SG400

Sawgrass logo
Sawgrass Virtuoso SG400 sublimation printer
Source from Sawgrass

This compact and powerful sublimation printer is ideal for creating high-definition prints on a variety of materials. The Sawgrass Virtuoso SG400 is designed for flexibility with its customizable software and reliable support team, ensuring efficient workflow and improved output.

Features: SubliJet-HD inks, prints up to 8.5″ x 14″

Pros: Compact size, perfect for small businesses or hobbyists

Cons: Limited size printing, a bit slower print speed

Epson WorkForce WF-7210

Epson logo
Epson WorkForce WF-7210
Source from Epson

The Epson WorkForce WF-7210 is known for its high-speed performance and ability to handle large, complex print tasks. Its PrecisionCore technology ensures precise and sharp prints, while its high paper capacity and automatic two-sided printing feature add to its convenience.

Features: High-speed printing, dual-tray capacity, wireless printing

Pros: Versatile paper handling, easy setup and navigation

Cons: Ink costs may add up over time

Mitsubishi CP-D70DW

Mitsubishi logo
Mitsubishi CP-D70DW sublimation printer
Source from Mitsubishi

Known for its space-saving design, the Mitsubishi CP-D70DW delivers high-output efficiency without compromising print quality. It uses a new image-processing algorithm to enhance natural image sharpness and clarity, making it popular for photo booth business and event photography.

Features: Prints up to 6″ x 8″, 300 dpi

Pros: Compact and lightweight, quick printing speed

Cons: Limited to smaller print sizes, higher operational cost

Epson Stylus C88+

Epson logo
Epson Stylus C88+ sublimation printer
Source from Epson

The Epson Stylus C88+ offers cost-effective printing solutions with its individual ink cartridges. Versatile in its functionality, it supports a variety of media and sizes. The printer, known for producing excellent photo-quality prints, is easy to use and maintain, making it a favorite among home and small office users.

Features: Four-color DURABrite ultra pigment ink, prints up to 8.5″ x 11″

Pros: Resistant to water, fading, and smudging

Cons: Incapable of large format sublimation printing

Brother MFC-J995DW

Brother logo
Brother MFC-J995DW sublimation printer
Source from Brother

The Brother MFC-J995DW is celebrated for its INKvestment Tank system that ensures efficient ink usage, reducing operational costs. The printer also offers robust features like wireless connectivity, mobile printing, and a built-in scanner to create a centralized workspace.

Features: All-in-one inkjet printer, up to 2 years of ink supplied

Pros: Various connectivity options, high-quality prints

Cons: Limited print size, not suitable for mass printing

Ricoh SG 3110DN

Ricoh SG 3110DN sublimation printer
Source from Ricoh

The Ricoh SG 3110DN offers a compact design with high paper capacity and quick drying ink system. Offering a range of connectivity options and customizable settings, the printer is reliable, easy to use, and perfect for businesses of varying sizes.

Features: High-capacity cartridges, high-speed printing

Pros: Network-ready and compact, ideal for small-scale operations

Cons: Can be complicated to set up initially, not ideal for larger operations

Mitsubishi CP-K60DW-S

Mitsubishi CP-K60DW-S sublimation printer
Source from Mitsubishi

The Mitsubishi CP-K60DW-S is acknowledged for its superior print quality. With its rewind feature that optimizes ribbon usage and compact design optimizing space, it is an economy-friendly choice for event photographers and photo booth companies. Its versatile system is designed to produce high-definition photographs, making every printed memory pristine and captivating.

Features: Prints up to 6″ x 8″, 300 dpi

Pros: Compact design, speedy print times

Cons: Limited in large-scale operation, initial high cost.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Sublimation Printer

Choosing the right sublimation printer can be a daunting task, especially with the myriad of options available in the market. To ensure that you make an informed decision and invest in a printer that meets your specific requirements, here are the key factors to consider:

Print Size and Resolution

The first consideration when selecting a sublimation printer is the desired print size. Determine the maximum print size you will need for your projects and ensure that the printer you choose can accommodate your requirements. Additionally, pay attention to the printer’s resolution, as higher resolution results in sharper and more detailed prints.

Ink Configuration

Sublimation printers generally come with either four or eight ink cartridges. If you plan on printing intricate designs with a wide range of colors, an eight-color ink configuration might be preferable as it offers a broader color gamut and greater color accuracy.

Printing Speed

Depending on the volume and deadlines of your printing tasks, the printing speed of the sublimation printer becomes a crucial factor. Consider the pages per minute (PPM) rating of the printer and ensure it aligns with your printing needs.

Connectivity Options

Look for a sublimation printer that offers versatile connectivity options. Most printers provide USB connectivity, but having additional options such as Wi-Fi or Ethernet can enhance convenience and efficiency in a multi-device or networked environment.

Ease of Use

A user-friendly interface and intuitive controls can significantly simplify your printing workflow. Look for printers with features like touchscreen controls, color LCD screens, and easy navigation menus to make the printing process more efficient and hassle-free.

Paper Handling

Different printers have varying capabilities when it comes to paper handling. Ensure that the printer you choose can handle the type and size of paper you primarily work with, such as letter-sized or wide-format paper.

Durability and Maintenance

Consider the build quality and durability of the printer, as well as the availability of maintenance options. Look for printers with robust construction that can withstand heavy use, and check if the manufacturer offers support and maintenance services to keep your printer in top condition.

Software Compatibility

Verify that the sublimation printer is compatible with the design software you use. Ensure it supports industry-standard file formats and comes with the necessary drivers to seamlessly integrate with your existing workflow.

Cost of Consumables

Consider the overall cost of consumables, such as ink cartridges and transfer papers, required for sublimation printing. Some printers may have reasonably priced hardware but expensive replacement cartridges, so it’s important to factor in ongoing costs before making a final decision.


The best sublimation printers for 2023 offer a wide range of options, each with its own unique set of features and capabilities. By selecting a printer that aligns with your requirements and budget, you can elevate your creativity and achieve stunning heat transfer designs. Remember to consider factors such as print quality, connectivity, ink system, size, and user-friendly features before making your final decision. With the right sublimation printer in your arsenal, the possibilities for creative expression are limitless.

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