XinFlying Group in APPP Expo 2024





XinFlying Group in APPP Expo 2024

February 28 – 3.2, 2024 Shanghai International Printing and Printing Exhibition APPP EXPO held at Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center, XinFlying was invited to participate in the exhibition.

What is the APPP EXPO

Founded in 1993, APPPEXPO Shanghai International Printing and Graphic Arts Exhibition. As an influential international professional brand exhibition for advertising, signage, printing, packaging industry, and related industry chains, APPPEXPO is an international exhibition with global attention and a grand event for the digital printing and advertising signage industry worldwide.
In this exhibition, XinFlying’s A2 all-in-one white ink hot stamping printer, C604 4-head white ink hot stamping printer, C605 5-head white ink hot stamping printer, L1208 8-head white ink hot stamping printer/T603 60cm 3-head UV DTF printer/C400S 30cm 3-head UV DTF printer made a grand debut with their leading technologies and equipment, attracting numerous exhibitors to stop and watch. The leading technology and equipment attracted countless exhibitors to stop and watch, and many foreign buyers and corporate customers also came to the booth to consult and understand.

XinFlying at the EXPO

To help exhibitors better and faster understand XinFlying’s products and core technologies, the company arranged a team of professionals to answer questions and solve problems on-site, and the professional and in-depth explanations attracted customers to nod their heads frequently. Many foreign customers signed agency contracts with XinFlying on the spot.

Beloved Printers on the APPP EXPO by XinFlying

A2 one-piece white ink hot stamping printer:

Simple and stylish appearance, the one-piece design covers a smaller area, has a stable and sturdy frame, is equipped with two original Epson I1600-A1 printheads, and the highest printing speed of 10 square feet per hour, you can choose to add fluorescent ink, bright colors, high pattern accuracy.

C604+H6501 4-Head White Ink Stamping Printer

Continues to the C series family-style appearance design, the overall simplicity and atmosphere. Equipped with 4 Epson I3200-A1 print heads, so that her printing accuracy can reach 600DPI, printing speed: 22 square hours. ALL MEMS (micro-electromechanical systems) manufacturing process, the use of thin-film piezoelectric originals so that high-precision arrangement of spray holes (600npi/2 rows) to be realized, so that the print head structure is compact, fast, high quality, and durability.

C605+H6502 5-head white ink hot stamping printer

Specially designed for agency customers, simple and atmospheric appearance, an upgraded tripod can make the printer run more smoothly. 5 Epson I3200-A1 printheads make the printing speed up to 28 square/hour, Epson’s unique VSDT (Variable Droplet Technology) can be free to control the size of the ink droplets sprayed, thus reducing the image of the sense of particles, presenting more details of the screen, the color transition is smooth, saturated, print color more rich. The T603 60cm 3-head UV printer is designed to print more colorful images with a smooth color transition and high saturation.

T603 60cm 3-Head UV DTF Printer

The appearance of this machine for the exhibition is specially customized appearance for the agency customers and later will develop more designs according to the needs of the agency customers, 3 Epson I3200-u1 printheads can be the machine’s printing accuracy to reach the forefront of the industry, and excellent printing accuracy has won a large number of customers at the exhibition of praise.

Xinflying is more than happy to see you at the next international expo.

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